End Of Normal

Warning! This book is not for the squeamish!


AUTHOR: SC. Arscott

CAPTION: After surviving an alien invasion, a group of teens desperately search for answers as their world collapses around them.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Olivia Richards’ parents never lie, NEVER! But one day Charlie and Olivia’s father lie to them about some old files… odd. Then they see one of their old plants pulsing brightly. What the heck? Later it gets even crazier! Is that possible? From the sky comes these drones that sting like heck! The poisonous stingers kills their parents but barely affects them! As they watch their father die he tells them to run away and find Dr. Monstrose. Because its his dying wish, they obey. But they aren’t very far when they meet some friends and their neighbour! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! But then a octopus\UFO thing kills them, in a very gross way. Yuck! But with more surprises to come can these teens solve the mystery of the aliens and survive? Read to find out!


MY REVIEW: Well I loved it but it was very scary I’d have to call it pg 13. 3 stars. I docked 2 stars because it was so scary and it was a little to fast paced for me. There was some amazing action and good adventure though!


The Day The Sky Fell: A Yellow Hoods Book Launch

OK this did not happen yesterday I was very late on publishing this review

OK yesterday me and my mom went to Adam dreeces book launch. We got there and I did not expect a lot of people I’m not sure why maybe because at first we were one of the only people there. But soon more and more people started filing in. My mom handed me a twenty dollar bill for me to buy his book since I had an ARC copy twice I almost let slip things about the book! No one other than me and a few people there had read it yet!


His daughter Teela and her mom had made a lot of food such as meringue and dairy or egg or gluten free cupcakes which were very filling being that I had just been at a sushi buffet!! The only snack I saw that had ran out was the delicious meringue.There was also lemonade and let me tell you after the launch I was running to the bathroom every half hour!I went to get my book signed by him and he suddenly pulled out a roll of tickets soon he had me walking around with a roll of tickets saying:

“Excuse me but would like some draw tickets?”  XD

Person is like: “well how much are they?” X)

I’m like: “free,” 🙂

They are like “What are they for?” 😐

I was like: “The bags up front” :/

They’re like: “Whats in them?” 😦

I’m like: “I don’t know.” 😡

Soon Adam went to the front of the stage and started talking about how he got to yellow hoods, the nursery rhyme references somehow I failed to notice the most obvious one the chicken little one. I mean how!!!!!!!!! It was so obvious the second he said it! soon I got this feeling I call fidget which is were if I cant move at least 45° I get twitchy so I got up to get some snacks and lemonade but I got up feeling disrespectful to get up during his speech and I got my lemonade and suddenly!


I’m thinking “OMG am I in trouble for getting up while he was talking?????!!!!!!”

I’m quite certain that I actually said back “yes?”

“Come on up here and draw a ticket for our winner!”

I was already embarrassed for getting up now every head was turned my way!

Now Adam if your reading this I’m laughing I wasn’t like I’m gonna die how could you?!!! I was like “Me??” 

so I keep my head down trying not to laugh and go up there I draw a ticket and call out the last two numbers it was I believe 80000072 I think. there were three bags full of stuff prizes so up came the girl with the number and then he went on break.

Break. Sounds fun right? Stop work and just chill? I’m not sure it was fun for Adam being that his hand was most likely VERY sore afterwords! There was a huge line of fans!!!!

∞x¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ⇐people line 

Image result for long line of people
Blue=fans     red=Adam

Even I decided to grab a few bookmarks and get them autographed 😉

He then talked about how he had told a story to his daughter who suggested making a whole book about it!

Anyways in the end I had a lot of fun and usually I come home with more things than before and this was true for this trip I came home with 4 extra things a book and 3 bookmarks all signed. 

Until next post fans and friends! 

P.S. If I could give an event stars?


Definitely 6.

Hamstersaurus Rex

TITLE: Hamstersaurus Rex

AUTHOR:Tom O’Donnell and Tim Miller 

ABOUT THE BOOK:The class got a new pet! A hamster! Wait, are hamsters supposed to growl? That is the story of how he got his name, Hamstersaurus Rex. One day he manages to eat a powder for muscle building milkshake powder! Why didn’t it have a no hamster label? Soon he starts growing and growing and growing until he’s a bit taller, has a tail, and sharp Dino-teeth!!!!! Will this end as a disaster? Or a best friend? Or even possibly a bodyguard?! To find out, buy the book!


MY REVIEW:This book was Dino-Mite! A half Dinosaur, half hamster is so funny! Its got great humour, great layout. It really hooks you into it! Five stars!

The Yellow Hoods: The Day The Sky Fell

TITLE: The Day The Sky Fell

AUTHOR: Adam Dreece

SERIES: The Yellow Hoods

BOOK #: 5

“No poops for you today.”

ABOUT THE BOOK: After a long journey from young girl to fierce warrior Tee and her friends are ready to end the trip and find their parents but they must go together. unfortunately Elly’s grandmother (the butcher of the tub: a secret society) is keeping them apart as a twist Leloup and his pretty little Liar have shown up again! Join Tee Elly and the whole gang as they try to fly through this last adventure. Who will end up on the ground? Will Nikolas Klaus come to his senses? Will the butcher help the good or be the bad? Will Leloup get his “wolf” back? To answer these question and more come to the party and buy it!!!!!!!! 


MY REVIEW: Oh my god best yellow hoods yet!! The ending was a bit sudden but awesome!!! I love the insane Klaus its hilarious! My favourite part of the whole series is when Tee went like crazy wolf mode and stole Leloup’s ‘wolf’.  6 stars. Drama Action Steampunk!!!!!!!!



favourite quote: “No poops for you today.”


                                its just so funny



Meet the amazing Adam Dreece!!!! Squeal!

Come to the party today!!

When: Sunday April 9 2017

What: Adam Dreece’s new book launch!!!

Why: Because the book is awesome duh!

Where: The Village Calgary

Location details at http://thevillagecalgary.ca/

For a chance to meet Adam Dreece and probably buy the book come to the launch!

Marathon Quest

TITLE:Marathon Quest
AUTHOR: Martin Parnell
About The Book: Martin is told he was a huggable baby, and when he was older he was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and couldn’t leave his bed, when he was all better he still wasn’t allowed to run! but soon after a bit he felt ready. He asked his teacher if he could participate in… A One Mile Race?!?!?!!! his first run would have to be a good one! He started off but was soon pulled off the track his teacher was worried about the colour of his face and so, he couldn’t run for a while.To know any more you will have to get the book. Please get the book and start down the track of a long journey in Running.

Image result for Marathone Quest
My Review: Here’s a few words to capture the book in, Inspiring, Sad, happy, sad again. Sweltering, shivering, cold, hot, tired… happy. This book deserves a gold medal but because I don’t have one five stars will have to do.


http://www.martinparnell.com/       ← right click to go to martin parnell’s sight

The Night Before Christmas

TITLE:The Night Before Christmas

AUTHOR:Rose Collins

ABOUT THE BOOK: The original Night Before Christmas has taken an interesting turn and is now bears instead of humans with an exception of Jolly Old St. Nick himself. A perfect book for little kids.

Image result for the night before christmas rose collis

MY REVIEW: I loved this book even if it was (totally not) too young for me so I absolutely have to give it five stars, a classic poem mixed with The Berenstain Bears, kind of. For a book so special I had to take the extra time to colour the words specially.  The pictures of children dreaming of sugar-plums and seeing jolly old St. Nick again really made me  excited about Christmas again.  

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Not creature was stirring not even mouse”  


TITLE: Frazzled 

AUTHOR: Booki Vivat 

CAPTION: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

ABOUT THE BOOK: Abbie Wu is about to start middle school. Her brother is famous for sports and… just about everything. Her little sister is also famous for saying just the right thing at just the right time. And Abbie is known for being Peter’s sister and Clara’s big sister. Finally School starts and it … SUCKS!!!!!!! (Her friends think otherwise) The lunch ladies (Are they even able to qualify as ladies, or as ogres? )give lunch (Pizza, juice, ice cream, etc ) only to the grade 8! The teachers are horrible especially Mrs. Skelator oops I mean Mrs. Skeltor uh I didn’t do that… but the worst is that for lunch her mom sends with her food that is practically inedible finally she thinks “I NEED FOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!” And suddenly she gets it, food trades! They get going on the food trades only to find out… they are not allowed to trade food!! AAAAAAAAAAA! Whatever who said you have to follow school rules?( other than everyone) If you want to find out what happens next just read it!!   


Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

MY REVIEW: I really liked this book. It was realistic but also fantasy because teachers are not really like that in real life but i do like the idea of evil teachers bwahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “I am guaranteed without a doubt 100% doomed”

LINK:  Click here to buy!