TITLE: Batman: The Joker’s Dozen

AUTHOR: Laurie S. Sutton

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Joker is turning everyone into Jokers. and now you have to help Batman (the dark knight, Bruce Wayne) make decisions of where to go.


MY REVIEW: I liked this book but I was confused at first because because it had “turn to page 42″ (in that exact color) which was to me at first bizarre! Once I realized it was a choose-the-ending book it wasn’t bizarre anymore, and was instead a very good, non-confusing book! I like that sometimes it seemed like the Joker was going to win. My favorite part was when the Joker got tricked!






ABOUT THE BOOK: Raina wants a sister and now she has to take care of her until she is older.


MY REVIEW: I like this book and I like how Raina is obsessed with her Walkman. I found the illustrations and whole book very funny. 

THE SWALLOW: A Ghost Story


TITLE: The Swallow: A Ghost Story

AUTHOR: Charis Cotter

ABOUT THE BOOK:  One girl (Rose) sees ghosts the other (Polly) wants to see ghosts. They are different girls but they are best friends… best secret friends! Through a bunch of hardship they eventually come together to face a ghost who wants to rest in peace.


MY REVIEW: A sad, sad book with some not very sad parts. I was very sad for what Rose had to go through. It was funny at the very start when Polly and Rose had an argument about who was the ghost! I like that the ghosts are ghosts until someone helps them.

At first I had a hard time reading from two points of view. Then it got a bit easier and I liked getting to see two sides of the story. I had to ask my mom what meningitis was, and it was a very long chapter book but it was so interesting and I did cry just a bit near the end! I feel like Rose and Polly are my friends now, too… and my middle name is Rose!



I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review. Coming September 9th!


TITLE:  Zombie Elementary

AUTHOR: Howard Whitehouse 

ABOUT THE BOOK: A boy’s school is being hoarded with zombies, now he and his friends have to stop it! Will they all survive? 


MY REVIEW:  It’s a clever and an exiting adventure. I llloooooooooooovvvvveedd  the “zombie tips!” My favorite part was when the teacher smears blood all over the window  saying “nnaaarrrrgggghhhh!” And “Bbbrrrraaaaaiiiiiinnnnnssss!” I like the little interviews. This book is great for boys, such as my brother, and girls like me.

ARC Review: I Need A New Butt

This is my review of I Need A New Butt by Dawn McMillan, and I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley!


TITLE: I Need A New Butt

AUTHOR: Dawn McMillan

ABOUT THE BOOK: A boy needs a new butt because he discovers his is cracked, and can’t choose one.


MY REVIEW:  I liked the rhymes, the pictures, and the funny stuff. Oh, and the way you can get a new butt if yours is broken. HA HA it’s so funny!

ARC Review: AMULET #6, Escape From Lucien

This is my review of Amulet #6: Escape From Lucien, which I received from Netgalley to review! Comes out August 26th.


TITLE: Escape From Lucien

AUTHOR:  Kazu Kabuishi

Series:  Amulet

BOOK#: 6

ABOUT THE BOOK: Navin, Aly, Robert, and Trish are on a mission to turn on the communications beacon. Emily and Vigo have to save the world from the hands of Max. Will they all survive?               Read “Escape from Lucien” to find out.


MY REVIEW: 5 star book um …  man I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this book. I can’t wait to tell my friends at school how awesome it is! Such as the shocking events! I was really surprised and I hope there’s a #7! Emily’s story just gets better and better in every book! The characters get to see the true consequences of the stone powers.



TITLE: The Captive Prince

AUTHOR: Scott Chantler

SERIES: Three Thieves

BOOK: #3

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Captive Prince is a comic book about a crown prince (who is kidnapped). Meanwhile an ettin, a norker, and a girl are looking for firewood when Dessa finds someone who has been kidnapped. Who is he?


MY REVIEW: A wonderful book with lots of drama and lots of ACTION! I can’t wait to read # 1 and # 2. I wonder why they’re called “three thieves” though!