THE SWALLOW: A Ghost Story


TITLE: The Swallow: A Ghost Story

AUTHOR: Charis Cotter

ABOUT THE BOOK:  One girl (Rose) sees ghosts the other (Polly) wants to see ghosts. They are different girls but they are best friends… best secret friends! Through a bunch of hardship they eventually come together to face a ghost who wants to rest in peace.


MY REVIEW: A sad, sad book with some not very sad parts. I was very sad for what Rose had to go through. It was funny at the very start when Polly and Rose had an argument about who was the ghost! I like that the ghosts are ghosts until someone helps them.

At first I had a hard time reading from two points of view. Then it got a bit easier and I liked getting to see two sides of the story. I had to ask my mom what meningitis was, and it was a very long chapter book but it was so interesting and I did cry just a bit near the end! I feel like Rose and Polly are my friends now, too… and my middle name is Rose!



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