Today I have a special review on the blog! I have some friends contributing to this review for a book we all read together!


TatTAUTHOR: Mary Pope Osborne

Series: Magic Treehouse

Book #: 19

About the book: Two young people, Jack and Annie, go to Dinoworld. They were trying to find a way to remove a spell from their friend Teddy. Teddy had a spell put on him in one of the previous books that had turned him into a dog. On their journey, they meet people from history, a dinosaur, and find a mysterious medallion.

Jack, Annie, and Teddy return to their tree house from Dinoworld and find a message that tells them to follow clues and collect gifts along the way. The gifts will help them undo the spell on Teddy. The gifts can be anywhere! One place the clues send them to is India. Here, they look for the third gift.

In India, they ride elephants, meet a hermit, and other exciting adventures.


Our Review:

One Word Sums it up:

BD – Great!

AT – Fantastic!

DG – It’s Okay

CG – Great!

CC – Fine, Detailed!

Phrases to Sum it up:

BD – A Little too easy reading.

CP – Good but would like longer chapters

KS – Would like it to be longer.

Sentences with detail:

BD – I liked when they were riding on the elephant, Saba, because it really sounded cool and in the picture was looking cool.

EM – I liked it when Jack got the tiger’s foot out of the trap.

JI – I was, like, amazed, and I couldn’t stop reading!

JW – I really found it cool and neat when they went to different places.

IC – It was really interesting.

EH – I liked the book so much I want to read more!

HC – It was pretty good!

PB – It was cool when they were swinging around in trees.

RM – It was scary when the python was climbing up the tree!

ER – It was scary when the tiger jumped up when they were swinging on the vine.

EL – I liked how they put in little facts about the animals.

EP – I liked it when they freed the tiger!

JS – I adored the book!


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