You may have noticed I haven’t been online lately, that’s because I was on vacation 

first we went on a plane to Minnesota I sat next to my mom and played on my Nintendo d.s. the game was bejeweled eventually I stopped playing because my ears hurt like crazy. Then I realized we were in Minneapolis just starting to lower so I shut off my game and pushed in my ear plugs.

When we got there we almost got lost because we had to take a tram to pick up luggage and we had almost missed the sign we got to the tram stop just as it came to a stop. We rode the tram to baggage pick up. We got off and went to baggage before we got there we saw grandpa Dennis and uncle Jesse pick up a flag and start waving it. It was the Canada flag! We yelled at them it was upside down as we ran to give them hugs. Then we grabbed our luggage and walked to there car and went to grandpa Dennis’s house.

While we were there we went to Lake Elmo to fish. Uncle Jesse taught me algebra we played games and had fun. Then we went to Grandma Vikki’s house. We went swimming in the pool, watched TV and saw Grandma Vikki’s apartment. It was cool. Then we went back to Grandpa Dennis’s house for the last two days and then went to another airplane to go home. When we got home it was nine o’clock but it was still light out. We got home at about twelve o’clock and went straight to bed. That was how my vacation went. 



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