The Yellow Hoods: The Day The Sky Fell

TITLE: The Day The Sky Fell

AUTHOR: Adam Dreece

SERIES: The Yellow Hoods

BOOK #: 5

“No poops for you today.”

ABOUT THE BOOK: After a long journey from young girl to fierce warrior Tee and her friends are ready to end the trip and find their parents but they must go together. unfortunately Elly’s grandmother (the butcher of the tub: a secret society) is keeping them apart as a twist Leloup and his pretty little Liar have shown up again! Join Tee Elly and the whole gang as they try to fly through this last adventure. Who will end up on the ground? Will Nikolas Klaus come to his senses? Will the butcher help the good or be the bad? Will Leloup get his “wolf” back? To answer these question and more come to the party and buy it!!!!!!!! 


MY REVIEW: Oh my god best yellow hoods yet!! The ending was a bit sudden but awesome!!! I love the insane Klaus its hilarious! My favourite part of the whole series is when Tee went like crazy wolf mode and stole Leloup’s ‘wolf’.  6 stars. Drama Action Steampunk!!!!!!!!



favourite quote: “No poops for you today.”


                                its just so funny



Meet the amazing Adam Dreece!!!! Squeal!

Come to the party today!!

When: Sunday April 9 2017

What: Adam Dreece’s new book launch!!!

Why: Because the book is awesome duh!

Where: The Village Calgary

Location details at

For a chance to meet Adam Dreece and probably buy the book come to the launch!


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