End Of Normal

Warning! This book is not for the squeamish!


AUTHOR: SC. Arscott

CAPTION: After surviving an alien invasion, a group of teens desperately search for answers as their world collapses around them.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Olivia Richards’ parents never lie, NEVER! But one day Charlie and Olivia’s father lie to them about some old files… odd. Then they see one of their old plants pulsing brightly. What the heck? Later it gets even crazier! Is that possible? From the sky comes these drones that sting like heck! The poisonous stingers kills their parents but barely affects them! As they watch their father die he tells them to run away and find Dr. Monstrose. Because its his dying wish, they obey. But they aren’t very far when they meet some friends and their neighbour! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! But then a octopus\UFO thing kills them, in a very gross way. Yuck! But with more surprises to come can these teens solve the mystery of the aliens and survive? Read to find out!


MY REVIEW: Well I loved it but it was very scary I’d have to call it pg 13. 3 stars. I docked 2 stars because it was so scary and it was a little to fast paced for me. There was some amazing action and good adventure though!


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