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Marathon Quest

TITLE:Marathon Quest
AUTHOR: Martin Parnell
About The Book: Martin is told he was a huggable baby, and when he was older he was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and couldn’t leave his bed, when he was all better he still wasn’t allowed to run! but soon after a bit he felt ready. He asked his teacher if he could participate in… A One Mile Race?!?!?!!! his first run would have to be a good one! He started off but was soon pulled off the track his teacher was worried about the colour of his face and so, he couldn’t run for a while.To know any more you will have to get the book. Please get the book and start down the track of a long journey in Running.

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My Review: Here’s a few words to capture the book in, Inspiring, Sad, happy, sad again. Sweltering, shivering, cold, hot, tired… happy. This book deserves a gold medal but because I don’t have one five stars will have to do.

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TITLE: Frazzled 

AUTHOR: Booki Vivat 

CAPTION: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

ABOUT THE BOOK: Abbie Wu is about to start middle school. Her brother is famous for sports and… just about everything. Her little sister is also famous for saying just the right thing at just the right time. And Abbie is known for being Peter’s sister and Clara’s big sister. Finally School starts and it … SUCKS!!!!!!! (Her friends think otherwise) The lunch ladies (Are they even able to qualify as ladies, or as ogres? )give lunch (Pizza, juice, ice cream, etc ) only to the grade 8! The teachers are horrible especially Mrs. Skelator oops I mean Mrs. Skeltor uh I didn’t do that… but the worst is that for lunch her mom sends with her food that is practically inedible finally she thinks “I NEED FOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!” And suddenly she gets it, food trades! They get going on the food trades only to find out… they are not allowed to trade food!! AAAAAAAAAAA! Whatever who said you have to follow school rules?( other than everyone) If you want to find out what happens next just read it!!   


Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

MY REVIEW: I really liked this book. It was realistic but also fantasy because teachers are not really like that in real life but i do like the idea of evil teachers bwahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “I am guaranteed without a doubt 100% doomed”

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Nothing but trouble

TITLE: Nothing But Trouble

AUTHOR: Jacqueline Davies

SERIES: Nothing But Trouble

ABOUT THE BOOK: At first Maggie hacked on her own, then came the new girl and she knew that Maggie was doing the hacks and she wanted to be a part of it, so Lena joined Maggie. However the “mouse” (the hacks that they did together), started to become more than just a hack or two. It became a candidate for class president! So now they must find a way not to get caught as they sneak petitions and votes past their psycho principal and win the vote for justice, but its a little harder than it may seem…  

they’ll never know what hit ’em

MY REVIEW: I really loved this book especially because it didn’t focus on one problem. It kept a few issues to solve like living with her grumpy one legged Grandpop and keeping a relationship between her and Lena and winning the class president. It is definitely five stars. Let’s give a round of applause to Jacqueline Davies! clap, clap, clap, clap!


Ben The Dragonborn

Title:Ben the dragon born

Author: Dianne Astle

About the book: Ben can’t swim no big deal right? He will just stay away from water. But his principal calls him in one day about not being able to swim. If he fails the coming test he will be able to quit the swimming lessons if he passes he has to learn to swim. No big deal, he’ll do it wrong on purpose. But it doesn’t work that way you see he is tested for magical powers and after two of them show up he sent out a door… and falls into an ocean thankfully he has a duffel bag that is keeping him afloat but that wont work forever. Soon a lady and two whales show up and take him under the ocean where he sees that she is a mermaid. Wow right? Soon they learn the  true intentions of his quest and its huge will he survive? Read to find out.

My review: I loved this book and when my sister started reading her first chapter book it was this one, I figured she’d love it she never finished it though it was to big for her. I think. I give it five stars. Fantasy lovers everywhere read this  Image result for arrow book.                                                                                                                                                            



2015 Young Authors Conference

I went to the 2015 Foothills Young Authors conference it was so fun!!

First I went to the keynote presentation by Marty Chan where he spoke about books, young authors and told us a bit about himself he took a spiral and I thought, “oh no hes going to hypnotize us” and guess what he sort of did!!! that was my favorite part of the keynote presentation!!!! marty chan talked about his life and how he began to like books.

Then, I attended James Grasdal’s “Cartooning As A Writing Strategy.” He taught me how to make a good comic. First, you must know a lot about your main character. We practiced this by having a volunteer become the main character. Mr. Grasdal picked a volunteer, and we raised hands to learn all about him to know what to put in a comic about him. Last, we drew a comic all about the volunteer, our main character!!!!!

Lunch was next I had a very big delicious hamburger. I didn’t finish it all. There was cookies too but I was to full!!!!!!

My next event was Lorna Bennett’s “Let’s Create Characters.” We learned how to create characters so they look very realistic, such as a dog named “Duge” (no, I did not name him). We also learned how to draw a baby pig vs. an adult pig!

Last, but not at all least, my favorite presentation was by an author my mom has actually met once before: Jacqueline Guest! She taught us “How To Dress Up A Skeleton” which means how to add detail and description to the Five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why). It was fun to do story writing using these techniques. Finaly, we had an awesomely, amazingly fun game where we read out our stories on teams for points. My team tied with the other team.

At the end of the day, I went to the bookstore and bought five books with money I earned doing lots of chores. I even got them autographed by the authors! The books I am most excited about are The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles by Marty Chan. I’m also excited about The Fragile Bones by Lorna Schultz Nicholson because it’s about a kid with Aspergers/Autism, and I have ADHD with traits of Aspergers! How cool is that!

OK I’m being serious: words CANNOT describe how awesome the day was. If you don’t believe me go to the next Young Author’s conference and find out! I learned so much today my brain must be bigger!