The Mystery Of The Graffiti Ghoul

TITLE: The Mystery Of The Graffiti Ghoul

AUTHOR:Marty Chan

BOOK#: 2

SERIES: Marty Chan Mystery Series

ABOUT THE BOOK: Marty Chan is ten years old and is the only Chinese person in his whole school so he is bullied but the school is vandalised his friend is accused of being the suspect. He must find the real graffiti ghoul and free his friend… but how?

MY REVIEW: I liked this book. I give it four stars because it didn’t quite catch my attention at first but I liked the part in the graveyard. I didn’t have a favourite character. The book did get me excited a little; I was afraid they would be caught.

The Fountain

TITLE: The Fountain

AUTHOR: Suzy Vadori


ABOUT THE BOOK: Teenager Ava wants to learn more about her dead mother’s past so she attends St.Augustus across the country but she is hated by many because of her mothers past . When she goes to her grandmothers house she cuts through the forest and comes across a fountain she makes a wish with a penny out of her anger that a mean girl Courtney would go away but she finds out the next day that it comes true is that OK or will she need to fix it? read now to find out.

MY REVIEW:I give this book 5 stars I know I give allot of books 5 stars but i don’t have reason not too  I only review books I love.I liked the part were she found out she accidentally copied her mothers report and my favourite character was Ava. Throughout the story I kept getting scared that she would be caught, so it was a very good and exciting book.

The Yellow Hoods by Adam Dreece

TITLE: The Yellow Hoods: 1 Along Came A Wolf, 2 Breadcrumb Trail, A Companions Tale Snappy and Dashing, 3 All The King’s-Men, 4 Beauties Of The Beast.  

AUTHOR: Adam Dreece

BOOK #: 1,2, Companions Tale, 3,4.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Join Tee and her fellow Yellow Hoods in their journey to protect the steam engine plans by Tee’s long forgotten grandfather but soon enough it turns into a battle to stop the red hoods (young adult evil people who wear red hoods who are trying to kidnap other kids for the ginger lady) and the ginger lady (a lady who used to kidnap kids and drug them with her special ginger and SHE’S back!).

MY REVIEW: I loved these books. There is going to be a 5th book soon and I can’t wait to read it. I give them five stars. I have read all of them twice. It’s a steampunk, adventure and action series. My favourite scene is when Richy finds out about his childhood and my favourite character is Franklin because he’s so unpredictable.




AUTHOR: Joanna Franklin Bell 

ABOUT THE BOOK: Muse has dreams about the country side. Oh yeah Muse is not a typical cat she speaks with her mind so muse and her friends: Contempt and Watch, take off to a journey to chase Muses *dreams*.


MY REVIEW: The author was kind enough to send me a review copy of Muse: A Cat’s Story. A perfect book of action, friendship, independence too. My favorite thing about Muse is her mind speaking. Oh and there is loss in the book but Muse learns a lot. If you love touching stories about animals Muse will steal your heart.




AUTHOR: Becket



ABOUT THE BOOK: Meredith and her three friends: Sir Copperpot the robot , Uncle Glitch the robot and Peter Butterpig the Butterpig (a butterfly pig), are homeless orphans living in a box on the street searching for magic dust for Meredith. There’s a magic library nearby but it’s been closed for years and nobody knows why. Then one day two girls fix the memory banks of the two robots and they remember all that they forgot and the library has a sign on it that points out that the library is in need of librarians and will open soon. All they have to do is find one of four magic books, read it and become a librarian. Will the four orphans find them? Read to find out!


MY REVIEW: My favorite character was Peter Butterpig because,  hey, who wouldn’t want to meet a Butterpig! Right??!! It sounds so fun! I liked that the fighting love books make title waves! Title! Ha-ha! And the book man was also really cool!




AUTHOR: Becket

Illustrator: Raven Quinn


ABOUT THE BOOK: Good is a normal girl, well, except for the fact that her parents are orangutans and her father is President of the USA, oh and we can’t forget that she’s a queen… a goblin queen! When the goblins find her she has to be their leader and stop them from getting hurt or starting a war. Will she be able to do it all? Read to find out!  


MY REVIEW: I loved that Good’s parents were orangutans and that the hobgoblin pretended to be waiting for them and not at all in trouble! HA-HA!! The hobgoblin was my favorite because he wanted to be the brave hero!! If you like fantasy you will love this book just like I did!! 


I like fantasy because it is a not real world were you can do every thing you want by that I mean  I some times feel as if I’m in it myself and I will stop reading and sort of explore the place I’m in and then when I see the movie and it is way different then I imagined it but my mind just changes it to the way it is supposed to look or just forgets it was wrong and keeps it the way it was.

I like fantasy because it is often a long series of books to read and always end with a happy ending. my favorite fantasy series is the Percy Jackson series because it is such a long series that i can read for days and days and days.