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The Day The Sky Fell: A Yellow Hoods Book Launch

OK this did not happen yesterday I was very late on publishing this review

OK yesterday me and my mom went to Adam dreeces book launch. We got there and I did not expect a lot of people I’m not sure why maybe because at first we were one of the only people there. But soon more and more people started filing in. My mom handed me a twenty dollar bill for me to buy his book since I had an ARC copy twice I almost let slip things about the book! No one other than me and a few people there had read it yet!


His daughter Teela and her mom had made a lot of food such as meringue and dairy or egg or gluten free cupcakes which were very filling being that I had just been at a sushi buffet!! The only snack I saw that had ran out was the delicious meringue.There was also lemonade and let me tell you after the launch I was running to the bathroom every half hour!I went to get my book signed by him and he suddenly pulled out a roll of tickets soon he had me walking around with a roll of tickets saying:

“Excuse me but would like some draw tickets?”  XD

Person is like: “well how much are they?” X)

I’m like: “free,” 🙂

They are like “What are they for?” 😐

I was like: “The bags up front” :/

They’re like: “Whats in them?” 😦

I’m like: “I don’t know.” 😡

Soon Adam went to the front of the stage and started talking about how he got to yellow hoods, the nursery rhyme references somehow I failed to notice the most obvious one the chicken little one. I mean how!!!!!!!!! It was so obvious the second he said it! soon I got this feeling I call fidget which is were if I cant move at least 45° I get twitchy so I got up to get some snacks and lemonade but I got up feeling disrespectful to get up during his speech and I got my lemonade and suddenly!


I’m thinking “OMG am I in trouble for getting up while he was talking?????!!!!!!”

I’m quite certain that I actually said back “yes?”

“Come on up here and draw a ticket for our winner!”

I was already embarrassed for getting up now every head was turned my way!

Now Adam if your reading this I’m laughing I wasn’t like I’m gonna die how could you?!!! I was like “Me??” 

so I keep my head down trying not to laugh and go up there I draw a ticket and call out the last two numbers it was I believe 80000072 I think. there were three bags full of stuff prizes so up came the girl with the number and then he went on break.

Break. Sounds fun right? Stop work and just chill? I’m not sure it was fun for Adam being that his hand was most likely VERY sore afterwords! There was a huge line of fans!!!!

∞x¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ⇐people line 

Image result for long line of people
Blue=fans     red=Adam

Even I decided to grab a few bookmarks and get them autographed 😉

He then talked about how he had told a story to his daughter who suggested making a whole book about it!

Anyways in the end I had a lot of fun and usually I come home with more things than before and this was true for this trip I came home with 4 extra things a book and 3 bookmarks all signed. 

Until next post fans and friends! 

P.S. If I could give an event stars?


Definitely 6.



Title: The Wizard Killer


Author: Adam Dreece

Book #: Season 1

Series:The Wizard Killer


About the book: A man\wizard\weslek wakes up on the ground after being dead for only-the-Old-Man-knows-how-long stabbed in the gut. After he heals himself he wanders looking for civilisation and runs from a fiery carn, a giant bird-like-thing that is on fire.Oh wait I was wrong sorry two really hard to kill on fire bird like things oops, anyway, Oh look now there is a leecher after him to trying to drain his mana Oh, and what’s that fiery storm like thing? A carn’s furie?  Nope its a draining flying city here to drain every wizard, weslek, leecher, and other magical beings! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!  Can he escape? Read to find out!

My review: I loved this book, OK on average it takes about a chapter in a new book to get me hooked, never one page, always a chapter, but this book is special I read the first three, THREE, sentences and I was hooked I almost fought with my mom when she told me to put it down for bed. I give it 6 stars, off. The. Chart. I made this star image just for this book. It was soooooooooooooo good! I cant express how good it was! I loved it so much! Wait I already said that… whatever!


The Yellow Hoods by Adam Dreece

TITLE: The Yellow Hoods: 1 Along Came A Wolf, 2 Breadcrumb Trail, A Companions Tale Snappy and Dashing, 3 All The King’s-Men, 4 Beauties Of The Beast.  

AUTHOR: Adam Dreece

BOOK #: 1,2, Companions Tale, 3,4.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Join Tee and her fellow Yellow Hoods in their journey to protect the steam engine plans by Tee’s long forgotten grandfather but soon enough it turns into a battle to stop the red hoods (young adult evil people who wear red hoods who are trying to kidnap other kids for the ginger lady) and the ginger lady (a lady who used to kidnap kids and drug them with her special ginger and SHE’S back!).

MY REVIEW: I loved these books. There is going to be a 5th book soon and I can’t wait to read it. I give them five stars. I have read all of them twice. It’s a steampunk, adventure and action series. My favourite scene is when Richy finds out about his childhood and my favourite character is Franklin because he’s so unpredictable.